IT Vendor Selection

The IT vendor selection process can be a very complicated and distressing activity if you don’t know how to approach it correctly. Here at Seabrook we endeavour to provide a service to help companies with a lack of experience in this area to pick out a suitable IT Vendor for their needs.

We can help a company by :

Helping analyse the business requirements.
  1. Create an evaluation team with experience staff that understand what is needed.
  2. Define what product/service is actually needed as opposed to what sounds good.
  3. Define the technical and Business requirements.
  4. Define what is required of the vendor
Search for the correct vendor using our acquired skills and excellent knowhow.
  1. Help to compile a List of Possible Vendors
  2. Help select the vendors to Request More Information from
  3. Help Write a Request for Information (RFI)
  4. Evaluate Responses and Create a “Short List” of Vendors
Helping in the creating of an RFP ( Request for Proposal)
  1. Submission Details
  2. Introduction and Executive Summary
  3. Business Overview & Background
  4. Detailed Specifications
  5. Assumptions & Constraints
  6. Terms and Conditions
  7. Selection Criteria
Help in the proposal evaluation and Vendor Selection.
  1. Preliminary Review of All Vendor Proposals
  2. Record Business Requirements and Vendor Requirements
  3. Assign Importance Value and Performance Value for Each Requirement
  4. Calculate a Total Performance Score
Negotiating contracts to get the enterprise the best value for money.
  1. List the priorities and their alternatives
  2. Show you the difference between what the company wants and what the company likes
  3. Define Any Time Constraints and Benchmarks the company might have.
  4. Assess Potential Liabilities and Risks
  5. Confidentiality, non-compete, dispute resolution, changes in requirements