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Changing Global Trends in the Medical Device Industry

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Healthcare is experiencing an unprecedented amount of growth every year. With this growth comes obstacles and changing global trends that can often be a challenge to Medical Device Manufacturers. In the latest post from Siemen’s Manufacturing Operations blog, we learn what these changing trends are and how Medical Device manufacturers, such as Terumo, are using Manufacturing Execution Systems, such as Camstar, to overcome these challenges and take advantage of the changing global trends.

The Camstar Enterprise Platform is the foundation for top-tier global manufacturers and product innovators to enable rapid change, lean manufacturing, consistent quality output, rapid NPI, and higher profit margins. Integrated with ERP, PLM, SCM, CRM, and the shop floor, Camstar Enterprise Platform completes the technology infrastructure for manufacturing. Solutions are architected for global use enabling worldwide visibility for real-time control and mission-critical operations.

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