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Rapid Start

Your ‘Rapid Start’ on the journey to Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0 is a term first coined in Germany, and is used to describe the next great industrial revolution. A revolution that will bring unprecedented transformations and will fundamentally alter the way we live and work.

The new era will bring together the Internet of Things, advanced technologies in data analytics and artificial intelligence to the manufacturing industry in order to transform the way goods of all types, including medical devices are produced.

Advanced technologies such as Siemens Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) will be necessary for medical device manufacturers to remain competitive in the ‘digital factory’ of the future. To pave the way for moving to adopt the advanced and sophisticated Teamcenter PLM, companies can start off with Siemen’s Teamcenter Rapid Start.

There are huge benefits to Teamcenter Rapid Start:

  • It’s simple and fast to install, set up and deploy.
  • Low-risk, high-value pre-configured PDM based on proven best practice.
  • Minimal IT expertise required to operate and support.
  • Benefits are felt quickly, making for a fast return-on-investment.

Seabrook and Siemens PLM Software are hosting a free webinar on Thursday May 12th at 2pm, where experts will answer all questions about Teamcente Rapid Start. To register for a free place, simply go to

PLM enables the creation of a “virtual twin” of a product. It means that products will be improved, re-designed and vigorously tested in the virtual world – before a single part is ever created in real life. This results in faster time to market for new products, and better quality for consumers; not to mention the fact that these technologies will completely eradicate the need for paper-based files and storage.

This capability will enable greater innovation and faster speed to market than we have seen to date with medical devices. In Industry 4.0, products will not only be of an enhanced quality, but these technologies will also enforce compliance with health industry regulations, before the product ever leaves the shop floor.

Management consultant, Roland Berger, recently conducted an E.U. study on the effects of a full digitisation of industrial production. He concluded that there would be an increase of €250 million in the E.U.’s GDP in the medium term alone.

The impact that Industry 4.0 will have on wages and quality of life shall not be underestimated. It’s concerning however, that European companies are still lagging far behind their competitors in America and Asia, and there is a tendency to put off making the necessary changes now that will allow them to remain competitive in the future. The technologies and software required for Industry 4.0 might be seen as advanced now, but they will be standard in a few short years’ time.

Seabrook Technology Group and Siemens PLM Software will host a free webinar on Teamcenter Rapid Start, Thursday May 12th at 2pm. Register for your free place here.

Rapid Start

Seabrook and Siemens PLM Software host free webinar on Rapid Start

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Seabrook Technology Group, in conjunction with Siemens PLM Software, is hosting a free webinar on 12th May, about an exciting product that is the solution to effective Product Data Management (PDM), Rapid Start.

Teamcenter Rapid Start is a quick and cost-effective way to get started with successful, efficient PDM. It provides all the robust PDM capabilities of Teamcenter – and it allows you the flexibility to grow into the additional Product Lifecycle Management capabilities of Teamcenter – when you are ready for this.

There are many benefits to Teamcenter Rapid Start, including the fact that it is:

  • Simple and fast to install, set-up and deploy.
  • Low-risk, high-value pre-configured PDM based on proven best practice.
  • Minimal IT expertise required to operate and support.
  • Realize benefits quickly for a fast return-on-investment.

You can find out all you need to know at our highly informative webinar on 12th May at 2pm. Siemens experts will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

This event has now finished. If you wish to find out more about the software, click here or contact Seabrook to answer all of your Rapid Start questions.