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With 2019 Just Around the Corner, It’s Time to Go Paperless

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As 2018 comes to a close, most individuals and businesses review their successes and challenges of the year and look forward to the new year with anticipation.  As your company looks toward 2019, have you identified avenues to improve performance and reduce cost?  If your manufacturing floor has not yet gone paperless, 2019 is the year to do so. 

Paper deserves credit for modernizing the sharing of information throughout the ages,however, like all pieces of technology, paper is quickly becoming obsolete.Going paperless is now at the forefront of the global economy.  The manufacturing industry is no stranger to challenges faced in a paper-based environment: storage, security, labor, and paper costs, but there is a solution:  paperless manufacturing. This technology has created a highly effective process feedback-loop, leading to innovations in both software and cloud based paperless manufacturing systems.

Manufacturing Global Magazine has listed “Workforce of the Future” as one of its Top 10 Trends for 2019, where it states “Digitalization holds great promise for manufacturers, yet it is not an off the shelf solution. Any sort of transformation is as much about the people implementing it as it is about the technology. With digital skills a scarce resource, manufacturers need to be investing now to ensure that they are building a workforce of the future…Partnering with complementary businesses will also help bring knowledge into businesses in a cost-effective manner.”   Source: Manufacturing Global Magazine, December 2018.

Seabrook Technology Group not only specializes in top-tier software solutions, but prides itself in partnering with those manufacturers looking to evolve into paperless manufacturing.  We do this by providing a wide array of support and added products to ease the transition to this technology.

Let’s talk!  If you have any questions regarding paperless manufacturing,cloud-based solutions, or MES implementation, please contact us via the menu bar above or email Ian Foley directly:  [email protected] 

Here’s to a productive and peaceful New Year!