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Frustrated by Paper: Challenges and Difficulties SMBs Face When Utilizing Paper-Driven Manufacturing

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The manufacturing industry is often regarded as one that is at the forefront of
technology adoption.  There are many manufacturers, however, who continue to rely on a paper-driven process.  This is especially prevalent in the small-to-medium
medical device and biotech manufacturing industries. 

Manufacturing, by nature, is a process-centric industry, so the transformation from
paper-driven processes to paperless can seem daunting.  Let’s take a moment to reflect, however, on the limitations and difficulties associated with paper-based manufacturing, and
we will look ahead (in the next article) to the benefits of a paperless MES
Suite for the small-to-medium sized medical device manufacturer.

Paper deserves credit for modernizing the sharing of information throughout the ages, however, like all pieces of technology, paper is quickly becoming obsolete. The manufacturing industry is no stranger to the challenges faced in a paper-based environment, including accuracy, storage, security, labor, and paper costs.

According to Seabrook Technology Group Global COO, John Dzelme, “[paper-driven
manufacturing] does not force the manufacturers to collect the correct data,and in case the data collection is out of specification, it will not prevent the manufacturing process from continuing.” This is especially problematic in the medical device industry, as “it is
critically important to prevent errors and defects from eventually getting to the patient,” according to Dzelme.  (CIO Review, October 7, 2018)

In a paper-driven domain, audits, checks, and double-checks are standard.  The time spent on paper evaluation can often be twice the amount of time spent focusing on the actual manufactured product.  In addition to time spent, paper processes can lead to documentation errors, product quality issues, and lack of traceability.   Exploring paperless manufacturing is an opportunity for small-to-medium manufacturers to increase their competitive advantages. Stepping into the paperless revolution creates a more secure and more accurate process, while leading the way to greater revenues. In our next blog, we will discuss the benefits for paperless manufacturing for the small-to-medium medical device manufacturer, and we will build a case for paperless manufacturing by delving into the many opportunities the industry presents and by introducing the specifications of Camstar MES Suite. 

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