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Big Data & Business Intelligence

By November 4, 2014 Blog No Comments
BIG Data & Business Intelligence

There is so much discussion in the manufacturing industry about Big Data at this moment in time. Some of it is myth and hype, and some are real examples of how data can be used to add value to an organization. Seabrook are delighted to announce the start of a blog series by industry recognized Business Intelligence & Big Data expert, John Dzelme. The 6 part series provides insight into how organizational data can be used to not only provide value but return huge savings to an organization.

Big Data is about turning data into value that organizations can use to lower the costs of goods sold and to improve and optimize processes so they can ultimately save money, provide a better product in the right quantity, and at the right level of quality to a consumer that is willing to pay for it. The first part of this blog series will be launched on the 26th of November and with each part of the series released every week after.