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Siemens PLM Software Teamcenter

Product Lifecycle Management

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Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, industry-leading companies need to develop and deliver world-class products. Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) makes that happen. An enterprise PLM system drives product and process innovation by providing decision-makers with the right information to make smarter decisions that result in better products.

Teamcenter® software is the world’s most widely used PLM system, helping companies across all industries manage increasingly complex products to maximize productivity and streamline global operations.


The benefits of Teamcenter solutions are clear. You can see immediate and long-term business results, including:

  1. Smarter decisions. A single source of product and process knowledge empowers your global teams and suppliers to collaborate and make more informed decisions faster – with greater confidence.
  2. Better products. With end-to-end PLM solutions, Teamcenter streamlines operations throughout the product lifecycle, from planning and development through manufacturing and support.
  3. Proven success. You are in good hands with the world’s most widely used PLM system. The ability to deliver proven business value is the reason more companies choose TC.
  4. Connect your current business systems. Teamcenter provides an open collaboration experience integrating Microsoft Office, major CAD, CAE and CAM systems along with your ERP system of choice, so you can work the way you want to.

Teamcenter Rapid Start

Get up and running quickly. The Rapid Start configuration delivers Teamcenter preconfigured to utilize the most common industry best practices and the expertise of Siemens PLM Software. Choosing Rapid Start’s preconfigured capabilities to minimize the costs of consulting and maintenance, and get started with PDM quickly and cost-effectively. Realize immediate benefits from PDM with confidence that you have a growth path to product lifecycle management (PLM) when you need it.

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Manufacturing Execution Systems

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Manufacturing Execution Systems

Partnered with Siemens, Seabrook is a valued added reseller of the Camstar Medical Device Suite and has been a Camstar partner since 2006.

10 years on Camstar Medical Device Suite is still a leading solution in the medical device and diagnostics industry for error-proofing processes, paperless manufacturing and electronic device history records (eDHR). Emerging, midsize and global medical device and diagnostics organizations are faced with the challenge of balancing cost reductions and regulatory compliance while consistently producing high-quality products. Camstar Medical Device Suite has a proven track record of helping medical device and diagnostics companies excel in the face of these challenges.

Providing a powerful and flexible tool Camstar Medical Device Suite is a unique configuration of Camstar Enterprise platform. By effectively addressing the full range of business challenges that the industry faces, Camstar Medical Device Suite helps manufacturers become better, faster and cheaper. It does this by enabling you to build quality into the manufacturing process instead of testing quality coming out of the process, a mistake that often occurs in the manufacturing sector. Camstar Medical Device Suite has been deployed with powerful results in a variety of medical device product segments, such as diagnostics, orthopedics, cardiovascular, hospital and wound care, diabetes care, renal, blood care, vision and imaging. The solution is highly functional and flexible and provides an excellent user experience.


  1. Proactively build quality into the manufacturing process
  2. Identify, analyze, solve and prevent problems while production continues
  3. Provide visibility into the performance of components, tests, etc.
  4. Enable you to understand fatigue impact, manual operation failure rates and time to ramp to quality
  5. Close the loop on continuous improvement initiatives
  6. Define, distribute and enforce process and engineering changes to any global factory

Quantifiable Value:

  1. $3.7M Recurring in Cost Reductions
  2. $1.6M (one-time) Inventory Reduction
  3. 5%-10% Yield Improvements
  4. 35% Increase in thruput (10k units)

Strategic Value:

  1. 100% reduction in Op Training Errors
  2. 75% Reduction in Field Actions
  3. 64% Reduction in Prod Inquiry Reports
  4. Enforced DFT Lowering Inventory/Lead Time

Key Values:

Paperless manufacturing

Replace manual paper manufacturing processes with proactive manufacturing execution that streamlines the process, delivering cost reductions and improved quality and compliance. The result is a complete electronic audit trail of all manufacturing activity and an electronic device history record. There is no paper, printing, moving or storage.

Automated enforcement and control Collect information and enforce business rules to achieve error-proof processes. Ensure the right procedures, operators, equipment and materials are used within specification and in the right sequence. Move to a review by exception product release process as a result of an automated self-auditing electronic device history record.

Lean and Six Sigma enablement

Lean and Six-Sigma initiatives are driven by data to establish a baseline, identify improvements, analyze results and control processes. Camstar Medical Device Suite provides the foundation by enabling you to collect integrated product, process and quality data in a structured electronic format in a matter of seconds. You can make your processes mistake proof with systemic enforcement to ensure control, closing the loop on continuous improvement initiatives.

Global process data management

Define, distribute and enforce process and engineering changes to any global factory. Complete audit trails make it possible to understand the impact of engineering change orders (ECOs) and the effectivity of corrective and preventive actions. Intelligent root cause analysis enables you to discover the true source of the problem by leveraging a growing knowledge base of granular product design, process design, manufacturing (as-built and inspection), field use and quality event data.

Containment management and forward/backward traceability

Use configurable searches such as where used analysis to identify suspect at-risk material based on unique criteria, such as a component lot, machine, operator, a specific shift, etc. Configure dynamic actions based on your business rules, then take quick action, such as hold, rework, material review board (MRB), quarantine, etc. All products, components and supplied materials are completely traceable.