Dashboarding/Shopfloor Displays

The Dashboard is a valuable tool for all customers, regulated or not, to maintain insight regarding the state of a MES DataStore component. This tool provides a “Single Pane of Glass” approach to configuring and reporting on the health of the DataStore and records a history of all actions. Drop the dashboard into your solution and have a validated interface to start, stop, and reconfigure the DataStore without having to resort to a command line interface or issue commands natively against the database. This solution simplifies and streamlines the management of the datastore feature. You can now view the status of the DataStore including the length of queues and other key DataStore Status’ in a familiar interface. Now you can confidently say “my reporting database is up to date.”
Major Benefits:
  • Control the configuration of Datastore without direct database access
  • Manage your Datastore in a regulated environment through this browser-based solution that is “Validation Ready”
  • Monitor Critical Conditions for situations such as out of sequence errors to resolve before they impact production
  • Use the tool to configure range limits and warning thresholds
  • Uses Notification Services to provide email notifications of potential issues detected based on configured thresholds