Seabrook Manufacturing Intelligence

Many organizations stop at static reporting and don’t realize the full benefit of manufacturing intelligence. Static reporting provides a great way to see a large data set formatted for printing, archiving and read-ability but is not best suited for all reporting needs. Most organizations have a real need to go beyond static reporting to achieve the operational performance necessary for success. Using real-time data on shopfloor displays can drive operator performance on the shopfloor and give a clear message of operational health at a glance.
Enabling the ability for quality engineers to interact with the data in a familiar tool such as excel pivot tables can enable better root cause analysis and investigative support. The manufacturing intelligence solution was designed specifically with Medical Device Manufacturing in mind and is a predesigned and built reporting solution that includes a list of static reports such as the eDHR, shopfloor displays, and a data warehouse that enables Data Analytics.
Lightweight intelligence solution using SSRS to provide:
  • Shopfloor Displays
  • Standard Operations Management Reports
  • eDHR Report
  • Drillable Role-Based Dashboards
  • Data Analytics / Data Warehouse
This Tool enables the ability to optimize operations, improve operator performance, monitor process performance, mine data to perform root cause analysis and investigations. Major Benefits:
  • Greater visibility into the health of each operation
  • Real-time feedback on target attainments
  • Reduction in mean-time to recovery through better analytics
  • Improvement in NCR Closure times (due to being able to root cause failures quicker)
  • Improved operator performance in efficiencies and yields