Enabling Operational Excellence Through Manufacturing Intelligence

Enabling Operational Excellence Through Manufacturing Intelligence

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The single source of truth in enabling operational excellence through manufacturing intelligence is does your data tell the same story regardless of who is looking at it? Or is it easily misrepresented? Data should be guiding your organization for strategic as well as operational decisions and direction. The data visualization should clearly show the health of your organization.

Seabrook define Enterprise Intelligence as “The Execution of a Technological Strategy enabling Integrated process and environmental knowledge to be leveraged in standard practices to achieve operational excellence”.

Transformation does not happen overnight and your data and analytical maturity will not either. The following are the foundational pieces to progressing a BI initiative:

  • KPI’s and Detailed Definitions
  • Inventory of System of Records
  • Canonical Definitions to clear up any discrepancies across business units, systems, etc. so that every system is speaking the same language at the BI level.
  • Action plan
  • What is to be measured, used, and communicated
  • What will be open for discover models
  • Alert & Notifications scenario definitions
  • Business Rules for automated responses and actions based on certain KPI violations

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