Enterprise Intelligence: What it is and Why do you need it

Enterprise Intelligence that Drives Operational Excellence: Part 2 – What it is and Why do you need it

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Enterprise Intelligence Operational Excellence

“The Execution of a Technological Strategy enabling integrated process and environmental knowledge to be leveraged in standard practices to accomplish operational excellence.”

– John Dzelme

It seems every organization has its own definition of what Enterprise Intelligence might be – some organizations claim it is an educated work force, others may say it is an application such as business objects or analytics reporting capabilities, or whatever other applications people use for data analysis. Some organizations claim Enterprise Intelligence is the ability to put their metrics on big screens so everyone has visibility to the overall health of the process. Some people say it is the historical data that they have, the equipment level data or the product level data, or that it is the customer data that really encompasses Enterprise Intelligence.

Seabrook have concluded that it is all of the above and more. It is really about turning all of the data into value. We have found that, independently, none of these aforementioned claims really create value. It is only when one can obtain appropriately contextualized data, through the appropriate medium and couple it with the right technologies and business systems, can they start to turn that data into prime value for the organization.

By pulling all the data together and leveraging it into standard practices, you can achieve operational excellence.


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