Enterprise Intelligence that Drives Operational Excellence: Part 1

Enterprise Intelligence that Drives Operational Excellence: Part 1 – Setting the Stage

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Enterprise Intelligence that Drives Operational Excellence - Setting the Stage

“After all, data that doesn’t do anything is just data; Data that drives action….is intelligence.”

– John Dzelme, 2013, Big Data: Business Executive Series Conference

The hype behind Big Data really is driven by the potential value that Big Data can provide for organizations. The basic premise is that with the appropriate enterprise intelligence strategy and appropriate complementary technologies, an intelligence solution can provide significant returns on investment.

Organizations are interested in intelligence capabilities and how Big Data allows them to have a competitive edge or how it can drastically reduce cost of goods sold. It is also important to understand the different stages of data and how data can be leveraged within an enterprise for specific initiatives, especially those that promote and enable a continuous improvement culture. The danger and horror stories around poorly executed Big Data implementations are typically those that do not take a holistic approach to the solution. Instead, some organizations make the perilous mistake of focusing on just the data, or just the technology, or even just a specific application.

Unfortunately (contrary to popular belief and application sales literature), there is not a single application on the market that can provide a complete end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) Solution. An organization’s data is spread amongst many data sources with different contexts. In addition, the real power of data is lost if it is not capable of being used in applications for decision making.


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