Manufacturing Execution Systems

Seabrook’s Camstar MES solution is the largest, most successful independent Manufacturing Execution System provider in the market today. Seabrook has the only MES model built to support a broad diversity of manufacturing industries and processes.

MES supports very complex process workflows, high volume automated data collection, mass customization, discrete assembly, batch process, rolled products, and more. The highly configurable platform adapts to the users business without custom code, and its open SOA architecture was designed for ease of integration to enterprise applications and shop floor automation.

Below are some of main features of Seabrook’s MES solution:
  1. Product/WIP Traceability, Genealogy, Audit Trail

    Seabrook can provide the complete history of all manufactured lots, batches and serialized units, spanning production in multiple plants. Materials consumed, processes and equipment utilized, parametric data collected, exceptions, rework, dates and times, and electronic signatures are some of the details captured.

  2. Process, Operator, Equipment, Materials Enforcement

    The as-designed process is enforced, ensuring the right procedures, operators, equipment and materials are being used, at in the right sequence at the right time.

  3. Quality Data Collection and Process Limits

    This solution is designed to easily integrate with shop floor equipment, collecting data, tracking results and alerting on process control limits and suspect trends.

  4. Global Change (ECO) Enforcement and Audit Trail

    Engineering changes are enforced immediately or as specified by an effectivity date, tracking all data to understand the impact of ECOs and the effectivity of corrective and preventive actions.

  5. Searchable Electronic Audit Trail

    Seabrook’s manufacturing audit trail is the basis for the complete electronic Device History Record, Batch Record or Lot History Record (eDHR, eBR, or eLHR) required by regulation. It is self-auditing and completely searchable, allowing rapid product release.

  6. Forward, Backward Traceability and Correlation

    Products, components and supplied material are completely traceable, with “where used” analysis provided at the touch of a button.

  7. Paperless Manufacturing

    MES replaces paper processes in today’s leading manufacturing environments. Dramatic reductions in errors and operating costs plus support for continuous improvement and lean initiatives are some of the most direct and measurable impacts.

  8. Process Design and Modelling

    This manufacturing model provides a structured method to define and align manufacturing process plans with product design, BOM and their requirements. It enables execution of the supply and manufacturing processes. The physical process and tracking sub-models provide revision-controlled and auditable definition of the manufacturing processes, including operations, specifications, routes, resources and materials. Utilizing past performance of similar processes and products plus current capabilities and capacity in Camstar’s Enterprise Platform, true process optimization can be achieved.

  9. Early Collaborative Manufacturing Process Development

    Understanding the capabilities of the manufacturing process enables engineers to design products that can be manufactured with consistently high quality.Seabrook’s manufacturing process design and modelling capabilities enable the process design early during product design, allowing more rapid and reliable transition to manufacturing during new product introductions.

  10. Capacity/Capability Analysis

    Understanding of actual throughput, yield, cycle times and as-built product quality data enable more accurate capacity planning and product designs that can be manufactured according to core capabilities.

  11. Integrated Engineering Change Process

    Engineering changes may be automatically released into the manufacturing environment, with the resulting impact tracked and monitored for effectivity analysis and continuous improvement.

Seabrook can offer industry-specific platform configurations for Medical Devices, Electronics, Semiconductor, Biotech, Solar, and Metals Industries to accelerate deployment. Camstar’s platform is designed to serve the batch, discrete and hybrid manufacturing segments.