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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for Medical Device Manufacturers: Camstar Medical Device Suite

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In our previous blogs, we discussed the pain points associated with paper-based manufacturing and the benefits of implementing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).  As small-to-medium medical device and biotech manufacturers are aware, the outdated paper-based process is time-consuming, inefficient, and costly.  Stepping into the paperless revolution creates a more secure and more accurate process – while leading to greater revenues. There are several advantages to MES implementation, including: the elimination of the need for paper, full traceability of the process in an electronic format, inherently less review time, and quick analysis and characterization of the manufacturing process.

In partnership with Siemens, we at Seabrook recommend utilization and implementation of the Camstar Medical Device Suite.  Camstar™ Medical Device Suite is a leading solution in the medical device and diagnostics industry.  Known for error-proofing processes, paperless manufacturing and the creation of eDHR (Device History Records) and eBR (Batch Records), CamstarTM Medical Device Suite has a proven track record of helping companies excel in achieving their goals.   Camstar Medical Device Suite helps companies to accelerate innovation, reduce cost, and achieve the highest quality products – all while making compliance a by-product of the excellent manufacturing processes.

By eliminating an outdated paper-based system and implementing Camstar Medical Device Suite, companies soon realize the benefits of a fully electronic, self-auditing MES that streamlines the process, reduces cost and enforces product quality and compliance.

It has been our experience that companies that utilize the CamstarTM Medical Device Suite can quickly realize:

  • 100% reduction in paper cost
  • 75% reduction in cycle times
  • 65% reduction in manufacturing-related complaints
  • 80% reduction in final product review and release time
  • 90% reduction in scrap with “right first time” enforcement

Among many other benefits, these results lead to an increase in production efficiency, increased on-time complete shipments, and increased profit margins for organizations utilizing CamstarTM Medical Device Suite.  As a leader in the industry, CamstarTM is very small-business friendly and serves a large customer base with great success!

Details and much more information will be presented in a webinar hosted by Seabrook Technology Group and Siemens on Wednesday, April 10 2019 from 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. EST.  Register for this FREE WEBINAR by visiting

FREE WEBINAR: Camstar MES for SMB Medical Device Manufacturers
DATE:  Wednesday, April 10 2019 / 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. EST

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