Managed Services: Implementation Support and Sustainability Services


The Seabrook Managed Services solution provides a single contract to cover routine services, enables resource continuity to retain long term value of implementation specific knowledge and enables the ability to access a pool of resources with specialized skillsets/expertise on an as-needed basis.

The Managed Services Team

Solution Director

Provides strategic guidance and overall solution governance based upon industry best practices for implementing a global MES

Delivery Manager

Plans, schedules, and directs work done by the Seabrook team at the direction of the Client

Solution Architect

Works with the client to provide best practices in terms of design and configuration. He serves as the primary point of contact between the business and the developers to ensure the design and development follows defined requirements

Development Team

Work directly with the Solution Architect and refine design and build the solution

Support Manager

Manages support & sustainability team, governs SLAs, and is an escalation point Support Team

Support Team

A Team of technical resources servicing an SLA based support arrangement

Setting Up A Managed Services Agreement - Right size your pool of MES expertise

1) Make sure your agreement fits your goals
2) Determine your MES deployment strategy
3) Scope your site deployment work / Maintenance and Support Needs
4) Create a resource plan based upon your timeline
5) Decide what Skillsets will be needed Select sufficient FTEs to meet your schedule and ideally level load your demand
6) To tailor your agreement to meet your needs, you will need to do some high level planning. Consider carefully your deployment strategy. How many sites will you bring on online in the next year. What features will you cover in the following phases. At a high level scope out the work that