MES Implementation Assessment

For the Camstar Enterprise Manufacturing Solution

The Seabrook MES Implementation Assessment is used to analyze and define anticipated efforts, resources needed, associated costs, and project duration that will be required in order to implement the MES in a specified target area or site. Although this is only an estimate, it can be used as a tool for budgetary purposes as well as an input into a project plan.
As a part of the implementation assessment, it is strongly recommended to have a solution architect level engineer (and sometimes others depending on specific needs or challenges) to visit the site and perform a detailed analysis that will enable a very realistic estimate on implementation requirements, efforts, and anticipated costs.
The MES Implementation Assessment provides guidance in defining the business and technical goals that the solution requires.
The MES Implementation Assessment covers:
The determination of the key business and technical goals, for which a solution is required.
Establishing direction and vision.
Existing State Analysis – Map existing infrastructure and systems and understand the task ahead.
Our MES Implementation service identifies what needs to be accomplished to make your organization MES ready.