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MES in Mirandola

By April 10, 2015 News No Comments
Don Sheehan, Regional Operations Director EMEA, presenting at the MOBIMED Technical Happy Hour.

Last month Seabrook were delighted to present on the ‘Benefits of Paperless Manufacturing to Medical Device Manufacturers’ at Mirandola’s MOBIMED Technical Happy Hour.

MOBIMED is a museum with a permanent exhibition of the Mirandola biomedical district. It tells the history of the Mirandola biomedical cluster from 1962 until the present day. MOBIMED Technical Happy Hour series has been running for several years and is organized by the Director of MOBIMED, Paolo Poggioli.

The attendees, which included representatives from companies the likes of Sorin Group, Eurosets and Biascon, learnt about the true benefits of paperless manufacturing. The presentation spoke on how a true Manufatcuring Execution System provides greater operational flexibility, greater efficiency & productivity while increasing security & compliance, and more.

Mirandola is located in the Province of Modena, Italy, and is home to several medical device manufacturers including Fresenius Medical, Baxter Gambro, BTC Medical and Medica. In May 2012, a powerful earthquake hit the Mirandola area. It killed at least 17 people and collapsed churches and factories. 200 were injured. The 5.8 magnitude quake left 14,000 people homeless. The resilience of the locals is obvious in Mirandola. Huge restoration initiatives are evident in the busy town centre of this medical device manufacturing hub.

After the presentation the group discussed several topics including how fully Integrated eDHRs replace all shop floor interactions which means no ‘Paper Travelers’, no Manuals, no Drawings, etc.  All this means that there are no opportunities for error on the factory floor. MES operates in real time to enable the control of multiple elements of the production process. This was of particular interest to group and generated a lot of discussion.
Seabrook thank MOBIMED and Paolo for the opportunity to speak on the benefits surrounding MES and we look forward to returning to the region in the near future!