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Paperless Manufacturing Blog Series: Introduction

By September 19, 2018 Blog No Comments

Paper deserves credit for modernizing the sharing of information throughout the ages, however, like all pieces of technology, paper is quickly becoming obsolete. Going paperless is now at the forefront of the global world. From reading a newspaper through an app to electronic records management at the local hair salon, human instinct now asserts a preference toward digital information sharing.  The manufacturing industry is no stranger to challenges faced in a paper-based environment: storage, security, labor, and paper costs, but there is a solution–paperless manufacturing. This advance in technology has created a highly effective process feedback-loop, leading to innovations in both software and cloud based paperless manufacturing systems.

Exploring paperless manufacturing is an opportunity for those in the manufacturing industry to increase their competitive advantages. Stepping into the paperless revolution creates a more secure and more accurate process while leading the way to greater revenues. Paperless environments see a high level of return on investment (ROI) through the elimination of paper, more accurate order processing, reduction of non-conformances, and improved production performance

Over the next few weeks, this blog series will build a case for paperless manufacturing by delving into the many opportunities the industry presents for the need. Transitioning to paperless manufacturing is the future.