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Providing a Paperless Manufacturing Solution: Manufacturing Execution Systems for Medical Device Companies of All Sizes

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In our previous blog, we discussed the pain points associated with paper-based manufacturing.  As small-to-medium medical device and biotech manufacturers are aware, the outdated paper-based process is time-consuming, inefficient, and costly.  Exploring paperless manufacturing is a vital developmental step for small-to-medium manufacturers to increase their competitive advantage. Stepping into the paperless revolution creates a more secure and more accurate process – while leading to greater revenues.

As we turn attention toward paperless manufacturing, the benefits of incorporating a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) become clear.  First things first, though: what is “MES.”  MES, short for Manufacturing Execution System, is an end-to-end software manufacturing solution to optimize a company’s manufacturing processes. 

The benefits of incorporating an MES system include:

  • The elimination of the need for paper, saving endless time and financial resources
  • Full traceability of the process in an electronic format
  • Inherently less review time, as the MES is self-auditing
  • Quick analysis and characterization of the manufacturing process

In sum, implementation of a paperless Manufacturing Execution System allows the operators to focus on the quality of the product and process – not on the paperwork.  Think of the MES as a system of authority for how a product in manufactured – as it works in alliance with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).  An implemented MES enforces that the product is manufactured per the Device Master Record (DMR) and captures the actual manufacturing history regarding material consumption and production detail records (the “who, what, and when”).  Ultimately, the output of the MES becomes the electronic Device History Record.

In the next blog, we will focus on the additional benefits of MES implementation, and we will delve into the many opportunities the industry presents by introducing the specifications of Camstar MES Suite. 

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