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Seabrook Partners, 3D Technology, host series of webinars

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Are you tired of not being able to design as you think, but as the CAD system depicts?

Join Seabrook’s partners, 3D Technology, as they host their second in a series of webinars. This webinar will look at Synchronous Technology: CAD that works in the way designers think. Learn how the tools in Solid Edge have moved on and can help you to create/edit and reuse data possibly faster than the original vendor. Also see how to design with precision and control, whist not being bound by the constraints of conventional modelling.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar include:

  • The ability to do concept modelling then tie down at later stage
  • How to edit other designer’s models without them falling apart
  • How to edit other vendors models as if they were your own
  • How combining history based and Synchronous together gives you even greater freedom when modelling

So join Seabook & 3D Technology on Wednesday August 23rd at 1pm GMT

Register here

This webinar is part of a series of webinars. Registration for the 3rd and 4th webinars can be found below. ,

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