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Seabrook Technology Group’s US Division First Annual MES Roundtable

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MES Roundtable

John Dzelme explained “Seabrook is launching this educational series to provide a medium for Medical Device and related manufacturers to learn about industry best practices and how companies can achieve operational excellence and the technology that supports such initiatives.”
This event was attended by representatives from Zimmer, Inc., Roche Diagnostics, and Medtronic.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have been established as the “best of breed” application for systematically enforcing regulatory compliance and quality control on the manufacturing shopfloor. Many organizations fail by implementing the wrong solution at the shopfloor level and/or are required to heavily customize their applications because they did not select the correct solution for their specific manufacturing environment. “We are here to change that!” John Dzelme proclaims.

At the MES Roundtable, John Dzelme (Regional Director of North America) gave an educational overview of MES/MOM functionalities and their roles in the manufacturing space. He highlighted the enforcement of compliance, and real-time process and specification enforcement. He also shared some best practices around manufacturing technologies, integration, and systematically complying with specific regulatory requirements published from such organizations as MESA International, GS1, FDA, and even Seabrook Technology Group.

Sean O’Sullivan (Managing Director/CEO) highlighted the keys to a successful implementation and the need for proper governance. Mr. O’Sullivan defined the key roles of Senior Executive Management and their unique responsibilities within such a complex project as an MES Implementation.

Luis Maldonado (IT Director of Zimmer, Inc.) shared a case study and key successes for his latest implementation of MES at Zimmer. He continued by sharing the methodologies that were used in order to successfully deploy a scalable, validated solution with minimal customizations. Mr. Maldonado also shared the very impressive results and savings that they have experienced just after being live for five months and the further savings that they anticipate over the years to come.

The impact on the business of moving toward a paperless manufacturing environment is brilliant and substantial. The direct and indirect savings are just as significant as the risk mitigation that the MES provides to adverse events on the shopfloor. Luis added, “The entire solution will have paid for itself in no time at all.”

John Dzelme concluded with, “If these are published best practices and we have seen successful implementations produce such amazing results by following these practices, it is incomprehensible why manufactures continue to try to solve these problems by implementing the wrong solutions or heavily customized applications to perform MES functions. We hope to provide guidance to them through these roundtable sessions to better us all as well as the industry.”

Seabrook are looking forward to the next event in the series of MES road shows on the 2nd of June in Boston – MES in MASS.

For more information on the event please contact Ian Foley, Marketing Executive, N. America and EMEA, [email protected]