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Seabrook Technology Group Expanding into Asia

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As Seabrook Technology Group celebrates our 30th year enabling operational excellence and providing top-of-the-class manufacturing solutions, we are evolving to serve our customers around the globe.

To complement our presence in Europe and the US, we are excited to announce our expansion into Asia. Our recent office openings and staff additions in India and the Philippines will allow for 24-7 customer support and the ability to better serve our clients around the world.

Trusted by world-leading and emerging medical device manufacturers, Seabrook celebrates our partnerships as we look forward to 2020. The new year promises excitement for us as we continue to serve manufacturing partners and remain on the leading edge of the industry as customer-centric solution providers and manufacturing technology experts.

We would love to serve your medical device manufacturing company. Please contact us to see where we may help you to achieve your goals!

Current Openings:

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Seabrook Technology Group is currently looking for motivated and talented individuals to join our team!  Currently, our open positions are for a Senior MES Developer and Support Engineer and a MES Developer and Support Engineer. 

Note: The information contained below is proprietary to Seabrook Research Limited and should not be utilized in any fashion without the express written consent of Seabrook’s Managing Director.

Senior MES Developer and Support Engineer:
Bengaluru Solution Development Center

Our Senior MES Developer and Support Engineer will provide the development and technical guidance for solutions during the specification, configuration and implementation of the MES solution. These solutions will be based on significant prior experience in successful implementations, mentor resources and senior executive interaction with the client organization.

To be successful, the individual in this position must:

  • have experience in manufacturing processes and technologies to provide systems analyst and development services
  •  develop strategic relationships with the client’s Solution Director, Project Manager, and implementation team
  • provide superior level customer service
  • gather/vet detail requirements
  • collaboratively author detail design specifications
  • provide senior development for implementations, including UI design, custom programming, and interface development
  • assist in the preparation and execution of system integration and testing
  • provide upgrade services to existing clients
  • assist with product offering strategy and design
  • trouble-shoot customer issues
  • provide internal support
  • create and execute test plans using online tools
  • provide mentoring and general leadership to the Seabrook team in areas of expertise
  • assist with training entry-level consultants
    *This list is not exhaustive.  Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned on a project-level basis.  Minimal travel may be required for internal training & company events.

Experience and Certifications:

  • MESA International Certificate of Competency (CoC) for MES/MOM (Optional)
  • Camstar Experience and Accountability
  • Camstar Certifications and Courses (Optional)
  • Industry best practices and methodologies expertise
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong technical skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Required: 3-7 years of experience in large complex manufacturing systems projects.
  • Required: Windows Operating Systems experience, relational database familiarity, and ability to write simple SQL statements using a database tool
  • Required: B.S. in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field (or related experience)

To apply for roles within Seabrook please email your CV/Resume to [email protected]

MES Developer and Support Engineer:
Bengaluru Solution Development Center

Our MES Developer and Support Engineer will perform project tasks during the implementation of MES solutions, including but not limited to requirements definition and data configuration of the Factory Model

To be successful, the individual in this position must:

  • have expertise in mapping business processes into a MES Factory Model document
  • provide superior level customer service
  • execute assigned tasks during the implementation, such as factory modeling (Camstar), unit system integration, acceptance, and gorilla testing, and interface configuration and testing
  • assist and provide hands-on assistance and mentoring related to testing and software validation
  • create CTT scripts to automate the process of testing
  • create and execute test plans using online tools
  • provide knowledge transfer to the customer in defining the model data configuration (workflows, material lists, electronic signatures, etc.) for prototype demonstrations and systems testing
  • provide Basic Designer/Logic changes as needed
  • provide Basic Portal/Coding changes as needed
  • trouble-shoot customer issues in a timely, accurate, and friendly manner
  • provide internal support
  • provide documentation, including forum postings and SOPs
    Camstar Accountability:
  •  In-depth knowledge of Camstar product application (i.e. Modeler, Designer, CIO COA, database schema, transactions, business logic functionality)
  • Experience in Camstar’s product applications and best practices around implementation of out-of-the-box product functionality to achieve the solution

    *This list is not exhaustive.  Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned on a project-level basis.  Minimal travel may be required for internal training & company activities.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Demonstrate specific domain knowledge relevant to technology solutions
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Strong technical skills
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong organizational and documentation skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Required: 1-3 years of experience in manufacturing functions such as operations, planning, engineering, maintenance or quality.
  • Required: 1-3 years of manufacturing technology modeling experience using a recognized off-the-shelf MES application.
  • Desired: Experience with consultative role working with clients, and with Medical Device or Regulated Industry
  • Required: BE, ME, BCA, MCA, or B.S. in Computer Science/Information Science, or Associates in Computer Science or related field (or the equivalent experience) plus a minimum of one year of related experience.
  •  Required:  Knowledge and experience with Windows Operating Systems

To apply for roles within Seabrook please email your CV/Resume to [email protected]

Camstar Suite: The Modern MES Choice for Medical Device Manufacturers

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Digitalization is changing everything. This evolution is seen throughout the manufacturing industry, and nowhere is it more vital than in the Medical Device Manufacturing field. As seen in this video, Camstar Medical Device Suite is the MES of choice for Medical Device Manufacturers. By eliminating an outdated paper-based system and implementing Camstar Medical Device Suite, companies soon realize the benefits of a fully electronic, self-auditing MES that streamlines the process, reduces cost and enforces product quality and compliance.

Find this information helpful? Learn details and much more information by attending an upcoming webinar hosted by Seabrook Technology Group and Siemens on Wednesday, April 10 2019 from 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. EST.  Register for this FREE WEBINAR by visiting the link below.

Please join us for this free webinar!

Seabrook Technology Group celebrates its 30th year in 2019!  Consisting of a team of global experts and industry thought leaders, Seabrook brings end-to-end manufacturing solutions (people, processes, technology) together in a harmonized fashion to enable operational excellence for medical device manufacturers.  Our team consists of MESA Certified Consultants​, a CamstarTM Certified Team​, APICS, CPIM Certified Consultants​, PMP Certified Consultants​, and FDA Regulation Experts.  Our entire team brings their passion for Integration, Manufacturing Intelligence and DHR Requirements skillsets to their work.  Seabrook Technology Group is a global, privately held company which was founded in 1989.   ​

IRELAND OFFICE (HQ):  Mainline Place, Sarsfield Rd., Wilton, Cork, T12 DY80, Ireland  
Tel: +353 21 4800 840 | [email protected]

INDIANA OFFICE: 600 Corporation Drive, Suite # 108, Pendleton, Indiana 46064, USA
Tel: +1 317 426 0699 | [email protected]

Why MES can – and does – work for SMBs

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A question often posed by smaller and medium sized manufacturing enterprises, is whether they really need a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Sometimes they will argue that because of their size and the volume of their output, they have no need for MES. Regardless of the size of a manufacturing organization however, MES is necessary to achieve lean manufacturing, operational excellence and, will become even more mission critical as we edge closer to Industry 4.0.

This is especially true for medical device manufacturers. Heavily regulated industries need robust tracking and tracing capabilities. Manufacturing processes in this sector are becoming increasingly complex in order to keep up with the demand for more sophisticated products and in order to comply with more stringent regulations. Whether you are a small manufacturer or a global giant, you will have to produce devices of unprecedented quality, while simultaneously complying with ever stricter regulations in order to remain relevant and competitive.

MES and Lean Manufacturing

Reducing the cost of goods sold through lean manufacturing and the elimination of waste is a target for every medical device manufacturer, regardless of size. Eradication of waste can be achieved easily with MES. For example, it facilitates a paperless system.

In an assessment we undertook for a cardiac resuscitation device company that implemented Camstar MES, we found that there was an $88,000 reduction in paperwork management costs and a $32,600 drop in paper costs, storage and boxing costs. Benefiting from cost reduction while moving towards lean manufacturing is advantageous for SMBs in such a competitive industry as medical device manufacturing.

MES and accurate reporting of real-time data

A manufacturer’s future competitive advantage will be contingent on the integration of accurate and real-time data from the shop floor to the business floor. Medical device manufacturers of all sizes need to ensure that the machines on the factory floor are communicating with each other and with the organization’s enterprise level systems. MES facilitates this communication. It also removes the risk of human error from manual inputting of data.

MES can feed back real-time data from the factory floor that is precise and that identifies and corrects operational problems and issues. The visibility of this real time data allows manufacturers to take immediate action. These rapid responses are crucial in today’s market. Any improvements on the shop floor are also communicated with precision and in real time, leading to more efficient processes. In short, MES drives operations and operational excellence.

Can SMBs afford MES?

Although SMBs do not have the same economies of scale as their larger counterparts, the argument still stands that MES is a necessity as we move ever closer to Industry 4.0. The good news is that the cost of technology is falling. MES is becoming more affordable for SMBs – who will see a Return on Investment shortly after implementation. For example, in the first three months after implementation, cost reductions, improved productivity and enhanced efficiency will be experienced. A year on, an organization will see shorter workflow cycles, coupled with other benefits. And these benefits will continue to build on each other until true intelligent and lean manufacturing is achieved.

Of course for SMBs, the vendor they choose is also an extremely important consideration. When making the investment, you need to be sure that you will also have continuous support, back-up and expertise to rely on. Seabrook Technology Group excels at this. We are recognized specialists in MES and lean manufacturing. To find out more about our package, contact me at any time at [email protected]