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True Benefits of Moving Your MES to the Cloud

By January 31, 2018 Blog No Comments

An organisation considering moving their MES into the cloud will see a financial benefit, thus enabling them to deploy a regional deployment strategy whilst allowing the company to scale to need instead of scale to max load.

The desire to seek a movement of your MES into the cloud is driven by a number of industry changes, including:

  • Global and Complex Supply Chains: Global Supply Chains continue to be prevalent and even more complex requiring new IT strategies.
  • Real-time Analytics with “Device of Choice” Infrastructure: Business decisions need to be made quickly by analysing large data sets, making actionable data available to the user’s device of choice.
  • Mission Critical Technology with Advanced Disaster Recovery: Increased “Mission Critical” reliance on technology in manufacturing has increased the need for additional processing power & disaster recovery strategies.
  • Market Changes Requiring Maximum Agility: Manufacturing agility that makes a “lot size of 1” need to be achievable to meet market demand.
  • Push for “Best of Breed” Solutions: Monolithic applications have proven to be inadequate, leading manufacturers to adopt best-of-breed technologies.

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